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Airbus and TotalEnergies partner on sustainable fuel

2024-02-22  Staff Reporter

Airbus and TotalEnergies partner on sustainable fuel

Airbus and TotalEnergies have signed a strategic partnership to meet the challenges of aviation decarbonisation with sustainable aviation fuel. In line with the objective of achieving net carbon neutrality of aviation by 2050, the partnership aims to contribute to the reduction of the sector’s CO2 emissions, in which Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF) play a key role. 

SAF supplied by TotalEnergies can reduce up to 90% CO2 emissions over lifecycle compared to their fossil fuel equivalent.

The partnership will cover two main areas. The first is that TotalEnergies will supply Airbus with sustainable aviation fuel for more than half of its needs in Europe; and a research and innovation programme will aim at developing 100% sustainable fuels, tailored to the design of current and future aircraft. The impact of the composition of sustainable aviation fuels on the reduction of CO2 emissions and non-CO2 effects, such as contrails, will also be studied.

Through this latest agreement Airbus and TotalEnergies confirm their common ambition to promote SAF technology and to strengthen their collaboration to decarbonise the aviation industry. 

TotalEnergies has been supplying the SAF used by Airbus for its aircraft deliveries in Toulouse since 2016. TotalEnergies also supplied the fuel for several first SAF flights with Airbus aircraft. 

“The development of sustainable aviation fuels is at the heart of our company’s transition strategy. We are happy to form a strategic alliance with Airbus to play our part in meeting the challenge of aviation decarbonisation together. TotalEnergies has been working hard to respond to the sector’s new demand for a reduced carbon footprint. Our company has set itself a target of 1.5 million tons of annual SAF production by 2030,” said Patrick Pouyanné, chairman and CEO of TotalEnergies. 

Guillaume Faury, Airbus CEO, said: “Accelerating the deployment of sustainable aviation fuels is essential if we are to meet our targets for reducing carbon emissions from aviation by 2030. This partnership between Airbus and TotalEnergies demonstrates the willingness of aerospace manufacturers and major energy producers and suppliers to work together to meet this challenge. We are determined to meet our decarbonization targets and ensure that aviation can continue to play its valuable role for society in the future.”

TotalEnergies is developing SAF biofuels produced from waste and residues from the circular economy (animal fats, used cooking oils, etc.) and “e-jets”, synthetic fuels for aviation. 

These sustainable aviation fuels are expected to significantly reduce CO2 emissions from air transport.

2024-02-22  Staff Reporter

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