• September 30th, 2020
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At home with - Dessert Queen bares her soul

Namibia’s jewel, Priscilla Topnaar (42), popularly known as Priscilla Dessert Queen told Entertainment Now! that growing up was difficult because of low self-esteem as she didn’t fit in, and that her mother being diagnosed with cancer is what led her to start singing.
“My mother being diagnosed with cancer changed the perception of my body and ultimately made me start appreciating it. I started appreciating and embracing my flaws because it made me stand out and spouted out my uniqueness and body-wise, I have made peace and love myself more,” shared Priscilla.

The soon to be Mrs Swartz and mother of three (boy aged 15, two girls aged six and two) said apart from music, her favourite past time is baking and knitting. “I am fond of baking and knitting, had I not been a singer, I would be busy cooking, I am an aspiring chef, always making sure I try out new recipes and cook for my family. Not to forget knitting socks and scarfs,” she said.
The noble-hearted Priscilla also said the plight of her brothers and sisters in the LGBTQI+ community is something she has dedicated time to.
“I am working closely with those who are coming out, people reject them, am like their mother, they come to me for help and I assist with the transitioning process, it’s not easy so I try the best I can and refer them to social workers. These are sometimes family members plus it is a sensitive issue to many, either way, I will always be there.”

In terms of academics, the dessert queen has a Diploma in Banking, Finance and Credit, and a Diploma in Office Administration, another Diploma in Human Resource Management, and currently busy with Bachelor of Business Administration.

A day in the life of Priscilla
“I have an 08:00 to 17:00 job, that I do. I normally wake up early morning, ensure my baby gets breast milk, (yes she still drinks), and prepare breakfast for the whole household, before I prepare myself for work, that’s my normal day return.”
Priscilla loves her coffee with two brown sugar and milk, she is bubbly, charismatic, a people’s person and many more that’s why after a long and exhausting day, her family is all she wants to see.

“My family, my safe place, my heaven, my heart’s desire and content is what I would want to see after a long and exhausting day.”
With the pressure associated with being in the industry, she said the family is what also keeps her grounded.
“I destress when I get home to my family. My fiancée is my go-to person whenever I feel stressed or lost. Prayer helps a lot too, especially prayers with my whole family. Then, my dear, I sing my heart out, through each situation. When stressed, I will play worship songs to calm down, when hurt I listen to sad love songs, when I’m lost I listen to soulful country songs, when in doubt I listen to praise songs.”
She also mentioned that with three children, she never gets bored as she takes time off work to relax and loves travelling with the family.

A singer, devoted christian and aspirant teacher 
What most supporters might not know is that the bubby entertainer is a devoted Christian who has dedicated to serving the community through charity work.

“I love serving the elderly and orphans because my mother died of cancer in 2005 and my father shortly thereafter due to heart failure.”
The dessert queen said if she was not in the singing profession or industry she would have pursued a career in academia. “I would have been a teacher, I love children and their honesty.”
“I always wanted to sing, in fact, I always use to sing in church and at school in the choir. My whole family songs, from the paternal and maternal side they adore sitting around the fire and sing. It’s my passion and desire. And when I won first-ever Namibia got Talent, I knew I should proceed.”

Advice for 10-year-old Priscilla
What Priscilla would tell her 10-year-old self is to be true to herself, something she wishes fellow countrymen and women to always be strong.
She said: “Girl the road ahead is full of bumps, but know this if you humble yourself God will lift you. Be a leader don’t follow, set the trend. Believe in yourself you are enough.”

Food for thought
The Namibian entertainment industry is not for the faint-hearted and exposure does not pay bills but the Dessert Queen has urged fellow artists to be humble. “Stay true to yourself because the industry has huge opportunities. Be honest with yourself and your expectations, and always dream big, anything is possible with God.”
-     psiririka@nepc.com.na

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