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Basson: Police allowed to shoot but not kill

2023-11-20  Taimi Haihambo

Basson: Police allowed to shoot but not kill

OUTAPI – Omusati region launched its police operations for the festive season in Outapi on Friday.

The regional police commander, commissioner Ishmael Basson, said they had launched the operation earlier is so that it can be easier to control what comes in and goes out of the region.

He urged police officers to treat members of the public as human beings and with respect, when they go out to perform their duties.

Basson said all police officers are allowed to shoot at suspects only if the suspects or any other person starts shooting at them, but they should not to shoot to kill. “Shoot them below the waist because we need them alive, and put records in our books,” he advised.

He further said police officers are expected to be at all major roadblocks in the region, and to erect small roadblocks in town. “The aim is to search passengers, vehicles and vehicle drivers to make sure we know what they are transporting, and to also ensure people are safe in those particular vehicles,” Basson stressed.

The operation began on Friday, and will continue until the police is satisfied with it.

“No police officer has the right to assault or harm anybody. We are going to regard this as a serious crime, and a case will be opened against that specific police officer,” he continued.

Basson also urged the public to comply with police orders for them to work in harmony and as a team.


2023-11-20  Taimi Haihambo

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