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Be intentional with your time

2022-11-18  Paheja Siririka

Be intentional with your time

Juggling a full-time job and running a side business is not an easy task for anyone but unprecedented times have forced many into ways and means to make ends meet.

Raymond Shikale (29) is one of many Namibians who found his niche in the world of entrepreneurship at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, making rugs through his enterprise By Ray Designs.

“The concept of making custom-made rugs started in 2020 but we started trading officially this year after doing extensive research, getting the know-how, and procuring some equipment, and I must say business has been good,” he shared with VIBEZ! from his stall at the recent Kasi Vibe Festival.

Shikale expects the business to pick up now that he has exhibited at the festival, where he was able to create more awareness about his venture.

“People are not aware that I make these things. And I think if we can get a better marketing platform to show off our craft like Kasi Vibe, we will be able to broaden our sales and marketing.” 

Shikale, a digital agent, works with five other creatives in making the rugs using yarn imported from Asia or Europe. 

Clients send images of what they like, they get a quote based on the size and complexity and the time it takes to finish the rug, he said.

“From start to finish, the team and I complete the rugs ourselves. Depending on the complexity, we usually take up to an average of two weeks from start to finish because I have to punch-needle it and then do the rest of the process. It takes quite some time, especially because I do have a full-time job. So, I do this after work on weekends.”

“The reason why people should use us to tailor-make their rugs is because of the creativity that comes with the process. You will be the only person in the world with this type of rug, something that will be unique to you only.”

Follow him on by_ray_design on Instagram or 0853718005.

2022-11-18  Paheja Siririka

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