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Beyond my wildest dreams

2021-10-08  Ndapanda Haininga

Beyond my wildest dreams

I have often wondered what luxury travel in Namibia really feels like. What does it entail? How would I be treated? Goodness, what kind of food would I eat? Would I fly in? How would experiencing that make me feel?

I have some of those answers today and believe it or not, it is because I finally made it to Namibia’s top-rated 7-star lodge - andBeyond Sossusvlei Desert Lodge.

If you have ever Google-searched the lodge, one particular image likely comes to mind, and if you are gasping right now, then honestly, same sis, same.

Three things set lodging experiences apart for me:

- The personalisation and quality of service. (How am I addressed throughout my stay, how was I received? That kind of thing).

- The quality of food, more specifically the taste, the plating, the lot. I want it all. 

- Lastly, the people in general.

When I travel, these things are key for me.

The andBeyond Sossusvlei Dessert Lodge is exactly a five-hour drive from Windhoek, even when some fuelling time in Rehoboth is factored in.

It sounds long but it really isn’t. The road is smooth and the lodge provides clear and accurate directions.

Don’t rush too much, stop for a couple of pictures and spontaneous activity; it’s once in a lifetime after all.

We did just that, and arrived just as the clock struck four.

Let me tell you something. I have been to some pretty awesome places. But this place? It is STUNNING!!

I say that a lot, yeah? Let us talk that down to just how beautiful Namibia is. (So let’s explore!)

The lodge’s interior theme is neutrals. Everything was subtle but elegant. Soft.

We were almost out by the beauty and then we got to our room, my goodness! Literal paradise.

We lacked nothing. Everything the lodge thought we may need, they provided. Each room is fully equipped with a five-star tea and coffee station, a bar and mini bar area, and even cookies and snacks for when you may go hungry between meals.

The room has an indoor and outdoor shower, both with an amazing view of the Namib reserve. We started our exciting visit off with a scenic sundowner drive, led by our guide Michael. What a guy! Michael has such gest for life. We shared stories about our travels; even realised he was from home. That was our guy now.

The sunset naturally did not disappoint. Namibian sunsets are second to none.

Dinner is when we first got to experience the food at and Beyond Lodge.

Guys, look at these pictures and imagine the taste. Just imagine!

Not a foot set wrong, just perfection and vibes.

Criminal would be going to the Namib without a visit to Deadvlei.

My highlight was getting to see a hot air balloon land. Perhaps next time I’ll get onto one, but for now I am doing just fine from the outside looking in (The diary of a girl with an irrational fear of heights)

We struggled, but we eventually made it to Deadvlei because one thing about me, I will get to the top.

This was my second visit to this majestic pan and I was still in awe. If you haven’t, please make time to see it; it really is as beautiful as everyone says.

My stay at andBeyond Sossulvlei Desert Lodge was perfect.

We were welcomed with warmth. We were treated like royalty. We were sent off with love.

Truly one of the best experiences of my life.

Do not hesitate to reach me should you wish to collaborate, or consult on anything travel.


Twitter: @lahyahaininga

Instagram: Ndapanda Haininga

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2021-10-08  Ndapanda Haininga

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