• May 26th, 2020
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Cabinet wants agreements with Angola implemented

WINDHOEK - Cabinet has directed the speedy implementation of numerous memoranda of agreements signed during the 5th Session of the Namibia-Angola Joint Commission of Cooperation held in July in Windhoek.

Cabinet directed different offices, ministries and agencies to take action in their areas of responsibility.
These include the veterans affairs directorate in the Office of the Vice President which is directed to submit a revised draft agreement between the Office of the Vice President; Veterans Affairs and the Ministry of Former Combatants and Veterans of the Motherland of Angola before the end of October 2019 for Angola’s consideration, as the existing agreement expires on Wednesday this week (September 25).

This was announced by the Minister of Information Communication and Technology Stanley Simataa on Thursday. Cabinet directed the fast-track implementation by Veterans Affairs to construct two nurses’ homes, a friendship house, rehabilitate the gravesites and fence off the cemetery where Swapo cadres were laid to rest in Angola.

 The Office of the Attorney General has been engaged to clear the pending treaties and agreements highlighted during the joint commission. 

These include draft agreement on working diplomatic dependents and consular personnel at missions, as well as draft protocol between Namibia and Angola on rules related to the permanent legalisation of Angolan nationals residing in Namibia. 

Cabinet also directed action on the draft MoU between Namibia and Angola on trade in livestock.
Action is also required on the draft bilateral agreement on the Baynes Hydropower Project and the signed MoU on health cooperation to supersede the existing technical cooperation agreement that includes treating patients with communicable diseases such as Tuberculosis, Malaria and HIV and Aids free of charge in both countries public health facilities.

Simataa said other pending agreements are on cross border road and transport.
Hence, Cabinet directed the fast-track implementation of the agreement on cross border railway transport by appointing a consultant to advice on the best way to connect the two rail lines between the two countries, as well as finalisation of terms of reference by end of September.

The fast-track implementation of the MoU on the construction of bridges at Rundu-Calai, Nkurenkuru-Cuagar and Gciriku have also been directed. 

Simataa therefore noted that the responsible ministry was directed to convene a consultative meeting with relevant stakeholders (immigrations, customs, police, defence, commerce, industry) during the planning and design phase of the bridges by end of October.


Albertina Nakale
2019-09-23 07:25:01 8 months ago

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