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City Police Traffic Tips: The duties of every driver

2023-03-30  Correspondent

City Police Traffic Tips: The duties of every driver

Community Policing Officer


Every passenger or vehicle occupant relies on the driver to get them to their destination safely. Therefore, drivers are required to act responsibly towards the occupants in their vehicles and other road users. Here are some of the general duties of a driver as per the Road Traffic and Transport Act, Act 22 of 1999;


Every driver has a duty to carry their learner’s/driver’s license whenever operating a motor vehicle on a public road. A learner driver should not operate a motor vehicle on a public road without being supervised by a licensed driver.

All drivers have a duty to drive safely and responsibly in order to protect pedestrians, other motorists and passengers on the roadway.

As a motor vehicle owner, it is your duty to ensure you do not permit an unlicensed driver to drive your vehicle.

All drivers have the duty to drive within the speed limit indicated by an appropriate road traffic sign on the road they are travelling or at reduced speed when in unsafe or unfavorable weather conditions.

Every driver has the duty to maintain his or her vehicle and ensure that it is in a roadworthy condition.

It is your duty as motorist to drive whilst sober.

It is your duty as a driver to ensure you do not permit any person to take hold of or interfere with the steering wheel while driving.

Whenever involved in an accident, the driver has a legal duty to stop and ascertain the nature and extent of injury and damage, and report the accident within 24 hours to the police.  The driver may not flee from the scene of an accident.

Despite the above legal duties, it is also important to take note of the following do’s and don’ts of a driver:

Always stop or pull over when signaled by a traffic officer to do so.

You may request the traffic officer to give you her/his name if she/he is not wearing a name tag or you may request to see his or her appointment certificate if she/he is not in full uniform. 

A traffic officer has no right to verbally or physically abuse you.

A traffic officer may not force you to pay a traffic fine at the roadside, even if the police bus with the facility to do so is available.  

Do not offer to pay any bribe to a police or traffic officer 

Do not refuse to provide a breath specimen or blood sample when requested by a traffic officer. 

Do not resist an arrest. 


The responsibility of road safety is everybody’s concern, and executing your duties as a driver is essential in contributing to safety on our roads. The Windhoek City Police can be contacted on 061 2902239, or the toll-free no: 061-302 302. 

2023-03-30  Correspondent

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