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Cohen dominance results in world tourney call up

2023-03-15  Staff Reporter

Cohen dominance results in world tourney call up

Cohen Fistball Club (CFC 1) continued its dominance of the Bank Windhoek Fistball League when it won the first round of games by leading the National A League. 

Boosted by home turf advantage, Sport Klub Windhoek (SKW 4) sailed through the matches resulting in an unbeaten run in the National B League.

The first league round’s highlight was the men’s national announcement. The trio of Michael Baas, Andreas Minz and Christian Knobloch were spoiled for choice from a 16 men’s squad spread over two continents. 

Namibia will compete at the World Championships in Mannheim, Germany from 22 July until 29 July 2023. Four players from CFC made it onto the list to represent Namibia in Germany. 

The national team players are: Karl-Heinz Traut (CFC), Thilo Wilckens (CFC), Wilko Hoffmann (CFC), Helmo Minz (CFC), Rico Kühnle Kreitz (CFC), Olaf Beiter (SKW), Dieter Kebbel (SKW), Florian Mosich (TSV Unterpfaffenhofen Germering), Tristan Minz (TSV Unterpfaffenhofen Germering), Gian Rudolph (MTV Vorsfelde). Torben Winterbach (SFC) is on call in case of an injury. In addition, Andreas Minz was appointed as head coach and Christian Knobloch as manager.

The event also included matches in the Under 14 and 18 leagues and a tournament for the Under 11. In the Under 18 League, SKW A won 2-0 against Swakopmund Fistball Club (SFC) A and SKW B and thus led the table. SFC A and SKW B are placed behind them in the second and third positions, respectively. SKW C advanced as the tournament winner in the Under 14 category. All three teams were equal with four points; hence the ball difference was decisive. SKW B and SKW A were second and third, respectively. In the Under 11 youth category, SKW A won ahead of SKW B with a better ball difference of five points because both encounters ended in a 1-1 draw.

In the National A League, CFC 1 remained true to its role as favourites and won all three games against CFC 2, SKW 1 and SFC 1. CFC 1 only lost sets after captain Helmo Minz injured himself in the fourth. SKW 1 is currently placed second in the table with seven points. SKW 1 and SFC 1 displayed the most exciting game of the day, which ended 4-3. The battle took a toll on the Swakopmund-based team, losing the match against CFC 2.

SKW 4 was the team to beat in the National B League. They won all five games and thus deservedly led the log with 15 points. CFC 3 was victorious against all opponents except for SKW 4. SFC 3, SKW 2 and SFC 2 placed third to fifth. SKW 3 comes in last with one point bonus. York Ahrens from the SKW’s youth team was named the Young Player of the Day. 

The only 15-year-old Marko Russmann from SFC 1 was named Player of The Day among the seniors.

Next on the fistball calendar is the international Cohen Tournament on Saturday, 1 April 2023, when two German-based teams from TSV Unterpfaffenhofen Germering will compete. In addition, Austrians Fabian Greifeneder, Elli Kalteis and Johannes Junglclaussen will support SKW. Junglclaussen won the bronze medal at the German Indoor Championships with his team TV Vaihingen.

2023-03-15  Staff Reporter

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