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Councillor halts campaign to mourn Nchindos

2020-11-13  Obrien Simasiku

Councillor halts campaign to mourn Nchindos
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OMUTHIYA - The incumbent councillor for Kabbe South, John Likando, says he will halt his campaign for the time being out of respect for the grieving Nchindo family.

The family lost three brothers and a Zambian cousin who were all gunned down by the Botswana Defence Force last week Thursday between Impalila Island and the Kasika village on the Chobe River. 

The grieving family has also hit by a second tragedy within a space of days after the mother of the three brothers collapsed and died on Tuesday evening. Likando said he has informed Swapo members in the area to pause the electioneering process in honour of the departed.
“We used to conduct weekly rallies as well as door-to-door mobilisation, but when this happened, we felt we need to respect the family and join them in mourning during this difficult time,” said Likando who is also a member of the National Council. “It will not be good to continue running our activities when your would-be voters are in sorrow. This is a heartbreaking situation which needs everyone’s support.”

According to Likando, the areas of Impalila and Kasika were lined up for campaign activities prior to the fatal shooting.
He said this will no longer take place until the burials are concluded. Meanwhile, Likando said, as a candidate running for re-election, he hopes to continue with projects such as energising rural areas such as Mbalasinte, Impalila and Kasika. 
He also said the issue of access to potable water would be addressed.

“These are some of the laid out projects, therefore once elected, it will be a continuation to make sure things are complete. Other activities include, sanitation which involves construction of toilets. Also, we are conducting birth registration in rural areas as well as providing identity documents to enable our people to benefit from social and pension grants as Namibians,” stressed the councillor. – 

2020-11-13  Obrien Simasiku

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