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DJs Siya, Vuyo, Chester team up to release ‘Bovo’

2023-06-30  Pricilla Mukokobi

DJs Siya, Vuyo, Chester team up to release ‘Bovo’

In a ground-breaking collaboration, renowned DJ Siya joined forces with DJ Vuyo and talented artist Chester from Zambia to release ‘Bovo’.

Released yesterday on all music platforms, this track not only showcases the immense musical talent of these artists, but also pays homage to the thriving entertainment scene in Zambezi, a region known for its abundant recreational destinations.

DJ Vuyo, birth name Alexander Sikalumbu, told VIBEZ! the song itself is an African beat and fuses a bit with slow kwasa-kwasa, so, he would say it’s Afro-Kwasa. 

“Bovo,” a term derived from the local language, meaning “enjoyment” or “having a good time,” encapsulates the spirit of celebration and revelry that is ingrained in the culture of Zambezi. 

Inspired by their experiences and the numerous places to unwind and relax in the region, DJs Siya and Vuyo decided to collaborate and create a musical tribute which captures the essence of the Zambezi entertainment industry.

“The message in the song is people should have fun and mostly in Zambezi region, people enjoy themselves at the river next to the water, especially in summer. Therefore, this song is for enjoyment, and everyone can enjoy the song. The song is on all social media platforms,” he beamed.

Sharing experiences and love for their hometown in the Zambezi region, DJ Siya and DJ Vuyo conceptualised the idea of creating a song that encapsulates the essence of enjoyment and leisure in the area. Zambezi is known for its numerous places to relax, unwind and have a great time, making it the perfect backdrop for their musical collaboration. Speaking about the project, DJ Siya expressed excitement. “Working with DJ Vuyo and Chester on ‘Bovo’ has been an incredible experience. We wanted to create a song that not only gets people on their feet, but also reflects the beautiful spirit of the Zambezi River. It’s a celebration of our roots, and the places where people spend their hard-earned money to enjoy life to the fullest.”

DJ Siya added that in the music industry, artists need to push and work together as a family. When he and DJ Vuyo came up with the idea to add a third person, they approached Chester, as they have been longing to work together. 

“DJ Vuyo didn’t have a problem with working with Chester as he has a good voice, and his style blends with the song. The song Bovo has that Kwasa-Kwasa feeling in it,” he noted.

‘Bovo’s release was delayed while recording from two different studios was a bit challenging for the artists, but it’s now available.


2023-06-30  Pricilla Mukokobi

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