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Hip-Hop on the lookout: Ebenlouw’s unexpected journey

2024-02-09  Correspondent

Hip-Hop on the lookout: Ebenlouw’s unexpected journey

Julina Kaakunga


IN AN unexpected turn of events, Ebenlouw Hengari has found himself stepping into the realm of hip-hop, a journey he never anticipated. The spark for his new-found passion ignited during the lockdown of 2020 when boredom led him to watch children showcasing their rap skills on the  America’s Got Talent show.

Witnessing the artistry and creativity within the hip-hop genre, Hengari discovered a connection that drew him into the world of rhythm and rhyme. What began as a pastime during a period of isolation evolved into a passion for hip-hop that he never envisioned.

“I was like if these kids can rap why can’t I? So I downloaded this app called Rap Fame and I recorded a short verse and everyone at home liked it that’s how it all started,” he explained. 

Eben is fortunate enough to have his father by his side supporting his newly found passion. “Even though he has always wanted me to put school first, he is a very important factor in my life and I’m glad to have him as my manager,” he said. 

Hengari gained fame after he released his first song in 2020 titled “Everybody Come Down”. The song made him popular in Karibib where he was schooling at the time. He then gained social media followers and a fan base. But fame was not the only achievement he had gained through music.

 “Music has also helped me financially, getting paid after performing and using that money to invest in my music and buying myself toiletries,” he added. This is also how he overcame some of his financial challenges. 

Being unknown as an upcoming artist also served as a challenge too, however, his confidence boosted him through it all. The hip-hop artist claims that doing music is a challenge as not all people listen to the genre. 

He is currently attending school in Okakarara where the majority of the population listens to other genres such as ‘Oviritje’ and OneBlood. People have tried to convince him to switch to disco, although he remained firm in what he believed in.

 “For me, it’s just about doing what you love and having faith, I always tell myself not to compete with others. Every time I get on stage I always make sure to give the energy that everyone did not expect. And a lot of people praise my performance every time I get off the stage. Having fun and entertaining others is what I love,” he said.

The year is already planned for him as he is releasing two singles this week. He is also planning on shooting his first-ever music video very soon. The album will remain a surprise to everyone because he plans on featuring big artists.

Adding to the excitement, Hengari is gearing up for the production of his inaugural music video, a significant milestone in his burgeoning career. 

Hengari’s rap career came as a surprise to his father and manager Louw Kakorua, however, he noticed that he was actually good at it. Kakorua wants his son to be successful and become a man who can support his future family. 

“One thing that I always tell him as a manager and father is to have discipline whether it’s on or off stage whether it’s in the studio or at home, avoid the things of this world like drug abuse which a lot of artists are struggling from,” he said. 

He believes that Hengari has improved and his songs carry great messages. “He has a lot of support and I can see him really going far if he keeps the discipline,” he

In addition to his musical endeavours, Hengari generously imparts advice to fellow up-and-coming musicians. He emphasizes the transformative potential of music, urging them to focus on improving people’s lives rather than engaging in cutthroat competition.

 “Do music that everyone would listen to and relate to because you find some people who do music but all they talk about is money and girls,” he adviced.

2024-02-09  Correspondent

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