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Industry Loop - Entertainment journalists... sigh

2022-11-18  NSK

Industry Loop - Entertainment journalists... sigh

A recent article in a local daily about ‘D-nyce’ signing or bagging a five-year digital music distribution contract with Unchained Music really had me in shock for a couple of reasons. I was intrigued by this news and decided to look up the Rundu-born D-nyce. My hope was to find music that will blow me away, music that will have me ranting on this very platform on why we, as a nation, are sleeping on this talent.

Sadly, I was horribly right in my suspicions that this may be dubious. D-nyce’s music is nothing to write home about. I would be shocked if any radio station in this country actually playlists D-nyce’s music. The only song that I could stomach was ‘This life no balance’. But it’s a song, I still think, music compilers would think twice of playlisting. It’s a song that I know for a fact no Namibian DJ would feature during their sets. And that’s the one song I could stomach.

This really has me questioning this report that D-nyce signed a five-year digital music distribution deal with an American distribution company. The article itself does not unearth any details about the American distribution company or any details about the intricacies of the contract or how it came about. The article does not have a comment or official response from this American distribution company. Matter of fact, the only time the American distribution company is mentioned is in the first paragraph!

It makes it difficult for the art of entertainment journalism to garner the respect that it so needs. I have long said that entertainment journalism needs to be respected just like any other section of a newspaper daily. However, bogus articles like the aforementioned make it very hard for me to argue my case.

Entertainment journalism has gone from being the talk of the town to simply copying and pasting press releases. Entertainment journalism now is limited to attending events and not necessarily looking at the industry and uncovering both the positive and the negative. The aspect of investigating is non-existent. Though I would be wrong in boxing the whole entertainment journalism fraternity. Truth be this: Human nature dictates that people, especially Namibians, will just say ‘journalists’ and not necessarily name a specific journalist, which at the end of the day hurts the reputation of the craft.

I beg, please investigate. Show some damn passion for your job. If you do not have the passion for the pen – in this case, entertainment journalism – please make way for someone else who may have the passion for it.

Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM


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2022-11-18  NSK

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