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Industry Loop - Ignorance + Stupidity = Namibia

2023-10-13  NSK

Industry Loop - Ignorance + Stupidity = Namibia

In last week’s #IndustryLoop podcast, we had D-Naff, who was brave enough to own his truth. 

What was disturbingly disappointing is that a majority of the commentary was directed at his hair and appearance as opposed to the subject matter. 

This country is literally dying from the inside out as a result of gender-based violence (GBV)-related issues. 

D-Naff, a gospel Namibian treasure, whose music carried many families through weddings, funerals and other momentous occasions, comes on the show and bravely shares that he too wanted to brutally end his ex’s life because of infidelity – and the best we did, as a Namibian society, was laugh about his hair. What the actual f*ck?

We have a problem; I don’t understand how we do not see it. 

We have a massive, deeply rooted problem. Because I am not a scholar on this subject matter, I am forced to reduce this problem to stupidity and ignorance. 

Perhaps my good friends at the #BeFree Centre of Excellence youth campus will be able to scientifically contextualise this problem.

No wonder, a day hardly passes without a GBV-related incident being reported. 

I have said before that a prayer a day will do fokol. 

There needs to be political willpower. The powers that be need to be brave and declare a state of emergency. 

If we are laughing at D-Naff’s hair, instead of actually listening and learning from what he is saying, then aye, kako! I can only equate that to stupidity and ignorance that is poisoning this Namibian house from the inside out. 

Today’s edition of the podcast features a Namibian hero, Elvo ‘Dr Mavovo’. 

You will see that even with this conversation, he opens up about his struggles from his first marriage. 

Are we also going to laugh at him or his appearance? Are we going to completely ignore the content and focus on his appearance, and forget what this man has done for this country directly or indirectly?

Let me leave you with this: the time to be diplomatic with our approach is long gone. 

So honestly, I could not care less whether you are offended by my writing. 

Be offended by the 2 643 GBV cases that were reported in 2020 and 2021. God knows where we are standing right now in 2023 with the statistics.

We need to be aggressive with our approach to this, and I will use my platforms such as this podcast as a Namibian creative to continue shining a spotlight on ignorance and stupidity. 

So thank you, D-Naff. Thank you Elvo ‘Dr Mavovo’ and

everyone who will share and continue to own their truth on #IndustryLoop the Podcast with NSK!


*Until the next Loop, we say #GMTM. I’m on showmax FYI. Talk to me nice. Otherwise, visit my website

2023-10-13  NSK

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