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Ixa to showcase diverse musical taste in listening session

2024-05-10  Pricilla Mukokobi

Ixa to showcase diverse musical taste in listening session

Hip hop artist and rapper Ike Adonis, also known as Ixa, will host a unique and in-depth listening session titled ‘Blues and Booze’ on 25 May at a venue yet to be announced.

Through this upcoming event, Ixa, who is popular on the Afrikaans rap circuit, aims to challenge stereotypes and showcase his diverse musical taste.

“I’m excited to share a different side of my musical interest; my passion extends far beyond hip-hop,” he told VIBEZ!

Patrons can prepare themselves for an evening of soulful music that never gets played at clubs; songs people only get to hear at home or on the radio, he added.

“For this one, there won’t be any performances. There will only be two DJs - me and another DJ - catering to the music for the night, but with my future events, there will be live performances for sure,” added Ixa, who is passionate about addressing contemporary social issues in his music.

According to him, the event aims to break away from the repetitive music often heard at clubs and events, which tends to recycle the same few hundred songs.  

He pointed out that while there are estimated to be between 97 to 230 million songs worldwide, mainstream DJs often stick to a limited playlist each weekend.

 Ixa further paid homage to the DJs he grew up with, saying they were fearless.

 “They did not care whether a song was popular or unknown. If the song was good, they played it.” 

“DJs back then were like music teachers, they taught us good music. But these days it’s like the listeners are telling the DJs what to play because if you take out the mixing of the songs, it just sounds like music from a random USB stick in a taxi. 

“Until recently, I thought we were just a few who felt that way. But now that we know there is a market out there for it, me, my wife and our silent partner decided we’re gonna do it for the love of good music.”  

And he is considered a symbol of resistance and activism against inequality.

RSVP to 0813188580 on Whatsapp only for N$100 tickets, or pay N$200 at the gate.

2024-05-10  Pricilla Mukokobi

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