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Judgment in Kalunga’s double murder postponed

2018-09-06  Nuusita Ashipala

Judgment in Kalunga’s double murder postponed

OSHAKATI - Judgment in the Ohangwena double-murder in which 48-year-old Mathias Kalunga is on trial for the alleged murder of his wife and her alleged lover has been postponed.
The trial was postponed to September 14 at the Oshakati High Court as the presiding judge Herman Januarie is on sick leave.

Judge Marlene Tommasi postponed the judgement.
Kalunga allegedly shot his wife Selma Iimbili six times and her lover an Angolan national, Matheus Yuye two times with a 9mm Makarov pistol on Valentine’s Day at Omafo in Ohangwena Region.

Kalunga told the court he shot the two alleged lovers in self-defence after Yuye allegedly attempted to bump him with a car. He told the court he had gone to Yuye’s house to confront him about the alleged affair when he tried to bump him.
Yuye was accompanied by Iimbili when Kalunga approached him.  The court during the trial also heard that Kalunga appeared at Yuye’s house with his pistol loaded with eight bullets.

Questioned why he carried a loaded pistol when his motive was to confront Yuye about the alleged affair, Kalunga maintained that he always carried his pistol fearing that the children will get hold of it as he had left the safe in Walvis Bay.
His version of events did not tie in with that of the witnesses.

Two witnesses who testified in court during the trial claimed they heard three to four gunshots, five minutes after Yuye’s car got to the house, the spot where Iimbili’s body was found.

After the alleged shooting, the car was driven away and came to a standstill in the dark.
However, after the car came to a standstill a man is alleged to have appeared from the dark, peeped through the car windows before disappearing into the dark again.

When the witnesses later approached the car, Yuye’s body was found leaning towards the passenger’s seat.
Advocate Lucious Matota is representing the state while Maria Amupolo represents Kalunga.

2018-09-06  Nuusita Ashipala

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