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Lithium ore truck overturns near Dune 7

2022-12-05  Eveline de Klerk

Lithium ore truck overturns near Dune 7

WALVIS BAY – Police in the Erongo region have urged road users, including pedestrians, to be extra cautious when using the roads after three people died and three others sustained serious injuries in vehicle accidents at the coast.

Three people were seriously injured when a driver of a lithium ore truck lost control over the truck and overturned on the road behind Dune 7.

As a result, lithium ore spilled on the road frequently used by trucks.

The road had to be closed for several hours for clean up purposes. Erongo police spokesperson Ileni Shapumba recently indicated a pedestrian died on Wednesday when he was bumped by an ambulance at longbeach.

According to Shapumba, the victim was crossing the road and noticed oncoming traffic too late.

“The driver tried to avoid bumping him and moved to the right side of the road; unfortunately, the pedestrian also attempted to avoid being bumped and ended up on the right side and was hit by the ambulance,” Shapumba indicated.

The man died on the spot.

Shapumba on Friday indicated they have commenced with roadblocks in the region while also expressing concern for drunk driving in the region.

“It is important that we remind and also urge all road users to exercise caution at all times to avoid loss of life on all our roads,” Shapumba appealed.

Meanwhile, at least two people also committed suicide last week in the Erongo region with the 31-year-old Hafeni Shivivanhu overdosing on insulin at Okombahe.

Police say the victim allegedly collected his mother’s insulin from the clinic. 

He allegedly pretended he was sent by his mother to collect her the medicine she uses for diabetes.

Only a small quantity of the medicine is being used daily by sufferers to control the illness through an injection; however, it is said the suspect allegedly drank a large quantity of the medicine.

He left a suicide note.

In another incident,  the 51-year-old Abrosius Haskel committed suicide in Walvis Bay’s Tutaleni location by hanging himself. 

He also left a suicide note.


2022-12-05  Eveline de Klerk

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