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Local bodybuilders record great results in SA Competition

2018-11-06  Staff Reporter

Local bodybuilders record great results in SA Competition

SWAKOPMUND - Body Building in Namibia is still an inaudible sporting discipline since it requires fierce competition to draw the much-needed attention from the general public in order to gain fame to individuals. 

So far, only three major competitions were hosted at The Dome in Swakopmund and Iron House in Windhoek respectively because it requires adequate sponsorship to organize and host such events.

Local bodybuilders reached out to South African competitions to gain experience and be exposed to high-level competition in this particular sport. And though competition is tough for local bodybuilders, it is determination and self-discipline as well as persistent exercise programs that enable these athletes to develop their bodies in a competitive spirit.
The South African IFBB hosted the annual Gentle Giant Classics event from the 24 to 27 of last month in Boksburg, near Johannesburg. 

The competition served as qualifier for Arnold Classics 2019 and saw five Namibians in action in the shape of Romario Van Wyk, Panduleni Nekomba, Norman Van Wyk, Eclesiaste Celestino and Svet-Roann Loubser. 
The final placing reads as follows:
Romario Van Wyk - 4th in Senior Classic Bodybuilding
Panduleni Nekomba - 4th in Muscular Men’s Physique
Norman Van Wyk – No Placing in Master’s Over 40 years of age
Eclesiaste Celestino -  2nd in Men’s Muscular Physique
Svet-Roann Loubser - 2nd in Beach Bikini

The phenomenal IFBB Professional League Muscle Mulisha Grand Prix III Bodybuilding Showcase, also held from the 24 to 27 of last month is also a qualifier for the World Championship Pro League Bodybuilding Showcase.
Another group of Namibian athletes participated in this event in the hope of getting an invitation to the world championships. Chantal Williams, Nadia Minnie, Natasha Kotze and the family duo Hess Robinson with her son Robbie did not hesitate to flex their muscles at the said gathering.

Well known Windhoek based bodybuilder Chantal Williams, boasts years of experience and showed off her best to claim a gold medal in the Fitness Bikini Division.  Another Windhoeker Nadia Minnie, completed her 5th competition securing 2nd spot in Ladies Master Figure Division, in addition to her 1st place in Ladies Class B (up to 168cm) Figure division while Natasha Kotze flexed out a silver medal in the Ladies Wellness Division. 

The young Robbie Robinson tackled his first ever competition with all earnest finishing 3rd in the men’s Physique Junior under 23-years of age Division. He transited to the next event, which was the Men’s Physique up to 173cm and settled for 4th spot on the podium.

This is a major achievement for the young man and an achievement, which he said was the most valued as he competed against men with years of experience. This was Hess Robinson’s 2nd competition and she had to settle with a seventh place in the Ladies Master Fitness Bikini. 

Expenses incurred during these competitions are massive and for Namibians to be able to attend these competitions abroad, the athletes need to dig deep in their pockets to cover transport, accommodation, hairdo, spray tan etc.

2018-11-06  Staff Reporter

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