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Machai: Flourishing through flowers

2024-02-07  Correspondent

Machai: Flourishing through flowers

Imelda Munika


Businesses play a crucial role in the country’s economy by providing goods and services, creating jobs, and driving innovation. 

Christine Yihandjika Machai’s life as a student was difficult until she discovered a way to cultivate and sell flowers as an enterprise and make revenue. 

Discussing her journey, Machai said this has been working out well for her.

“This idea was stimulated by the love people have for the homegrown flowers every time they visit. My mom had already started growing flowers at home but, it was for decoration purposes at that time. I saw a business opportunity in the flowers as people that were coming home used to admire the flowers and they wish we could sell them,” she told Youth Corner. 

The 22-year-old needed money for transportation and other tertiary necessities. This need for funds led her to start a business selling flowers. 

“First and foremost, it has always been my desire to start a business or own a business. My mission for this business is to make it grow in the market  so that it can be recognised by the public. It is a business initiative that can work out successfully and profitably too if handled properly,” said Machai.

Machai who resides in Sauyemwa, Rundu now owns a garden, growing different flowers such as roses, tulips, daisies, sunflowers, lotus, daffodils, marigolds, and elephants. 

She also grows mangoes, guava, and orange, just to mention a few. 

Machai said she has little to no competition when it comes to her business enabling her to attract customers. 

“However, with the few existing competitors, I see to it that I take proper care of my flowers while they grow up to the heights of being sold out. With the proper care and attention, I give them, it makes them come out fresh and shiny, giving the utmost quality of exactly how the customers would like it,” she emphasised. 

The entrepreneur outlined some of her achievements, saying since December 2023, her business saw a significant upturn in flower rentals for party and wedding décor.  

She said nearly 20 orders were placed, making it the highest sales the young business has ever made since it opened. 

“As a small growing business. It was a milestone for it to reach such heights with that enormous sale in December. I can now expand my garden to be a bit bigger compared to the way it was, so that it can also cater for all the necessary costs that will come along with the expansion of my business,” she said.

Machai added, “My flowers and plants are like my children. So, I make sure they are properly taken care of and get the necessary care and attention they need for better growth.”

2024-02-07  Correspondent

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