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Makala drops fourth album on Sunday

2023-06-23  Pricilla Mukokobi

Makala drops fourth album on Sunday

Festus Makala’s ‘Before Anything 2: Road of no Return’ will be released on all online platforms Sunday at midnight.

This album is a sequel to his debut mixtape, released in 2018 and aims to solidify his presence in the music industry.

Known by his stage name, True Senny, Makala intended for the new music to have a celebratory theme, while also addressing various topics, including overcoming trauma, maintaining relationships with loved ones and expressing gratitude to a higher power.

“Fans can expect my signature introspective lyrics, combined with catchy melodies and engaging beats, which have become synonymous with my sound. With this album, I aim to leave a lasting impression on the music industry, solidifying my position as a rising star,” he told VIBEZ! 

Makala envisions himself at the top of his game, noting that his music takes on a positive tone, reflecting his personal growth and a newfound sense of peace. 

‘Before Anything 2: Road of No Return’ boasts 17 tracks, showcasing Makala’s versatility and musical range. 

To enhance the album’s diversity, Makala has collaborated with five talented artists: Asap Courry, Ill Boy, Cardic Skii, Icy Hitta and Nay, each of whom brought their unique style and perspective to the project, adding depth and dimension to the album.

The album is set to captivate listeners and provide a sonic journey through Makala’s growth as an artist and as an individual. 

Moreover, he has goals he wants to reach in the music space; “goals that keep me focused because I don’t want to lose and that’s the motivation for me”.

He aims to touch as many lives as possible in terms of music therapy or just general help.

Makala noted that being recognised for his music is rewarding, as people come up to him and address him from an artist’s perspective.

“That’s awesome, as well as being called for bookings and knowing my messages are being heard from my music,” he said.

In future, Makala would like to work with the legendary Ras Sheehama, Erna Chimu and KK. 

On the sidelines, Makala is pushing his brand, called ‘Wolf Breed’, which was founded in 2020 – and despite the struggle of the pandemic, it has been growing strong ever since.

The name Wolf Breed stems from the resemblance between a wolf and the people trying to make a living (hustling), particularly in the big city.

“With the effort and struggle to make ends meet, it seemed similar to a wolf in the jungle, but I wanted something collective where everyone should feel involved. I am not the only one striving, so I called it Wolf Breed for anyone who can relate to it,” he explained. 


2023-06-23  Pricilla Mukokobi

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