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Masubia cultural heritage to be celebrated

2024-06-28  Staff Reporter

Masubia cultural heritage to be celebrated

The Gateway Centre in Khomasdal is set to host the first-ever Munitenge Gala Dinner, an event dedicated to celebrating and enhancing the rich cultural heritage of the Masubia people.  The event promises an evening filled with culture, entertainment, and community spirit and entry tickets are available for N$500 each.

Peter Ilukena, the public relations officer for the Munitenge Gala Dinner told VIBEZ! the event is inspired by a commitment to preserve the Masubia cultural heritage. “We aim to highlight our community’s diverse traditions, customs and arts under the theme ‘Celebrating and Enhancing Our Cultural Heritage’. This event is a celebration and a crucial initiative to raise awareness and funds for supporting cultural programmes and initiatives,” he said. Ilukena pointed out that the primary goal is to improve the infrastructure of the Masubia palace, which includes building new ablution facilities, installing interlocks at the arena to minimise dust, creating a boardroom for meetings, and acquiring bigger tents and chairs for cultural festivals. 

“These improvements will ensure that the palace remains a cherished symbol of the Masubia people’s heritage for future generations,” he said, adding that the Gateway Centre will be transformed into a cultural haven, adorned with traditional motifs and artifacts that reflect the Masubia heritage. 

Guests will be immersed in an environment decorated with vibrant textiles, handcrafted decorations, and intricate patterns, symbolising the Masubia cultural richness and diversity. 

“The evening will feature an array of activities designed to entertain and educate patrons. Performances by descendants of the Masubia, including DJ Siya,
Temi Dimplez, Itenge Cultural Group, Mponje Cultural Group, and Gospel sensationalist Ba Caro, will provide lively performances and a captivating glimpse into our cultural practices,” he said.

Ilukena said the Munitenge Gala Dinner will have a profound impact by fostering a sense of pride and unity within our community. 

“It will offer an opportunity for individuals to reconnect with their roots and appreciate the beauty of the Masubia people’s cultural heritage. The funds raised will further directly support programmes that benefit the community, particularly the younger generation, by instilling a sense of cultural identity and belonging,” he stated.

“I invite the Masubia from all around the country and beyond to join us at the Gateway Centre on 27 July, 2024. Your presence is vital in celebrating and enhancing the Masubia cultural heritage. Let us unite to ensure our traditions enrich our lives and those of future generations,” he said.

For more information members of the public are encouraged to contact Violet Simataa on 081 246 0811 or Sylvester Kabajani on 081 390 7060.

2024-06-28  Staff Reporter

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