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Miss Earth Namibia heads to Vietnam 

2023-12-08  Pricilla Mukokobi

Miss Earth Namibia heads to Vietnam 

Martha Kautanevali, the second runner-up and current Miss Earth Namibia, embarked on her journey to Vietnam last week, where she will represent Namibia at the 23rd Miss Earth pageant. 

The prestigious event is set to take place at the Saigon Exhibition and

Convention Centre in Ho Chi Minh City on 22 December 2023. In an interview with VIBEZ! Kautanevali expressed gratitude for theoverwhelming support she received from Namibian designers, making her

preparations for Miss Earth captivating and collaborative. 

Recognising the climate challenges faced by Namibia, she emphasised the need for the involvement of young people in creating awareness and fostering sustainable development in the country.  Beyond the glamour of the pageant, Kautanevali is serving as an ambassador for environmental awareness. Among the projects she is championing is the promotion of green hydrogen.

 “I understand that young people should lead in addressing climate change. It’s not just because we are the affected generation, but rather, we were born into it. We are living the reality of climate change, and young people are the most innovative individuals in our lives. When they are involved and aware, they tend to educate others, and people are less likely to ignore it,” she said.

She highlighted their instrumental role in crafting her wardrobe, lifting a significant burden off her shoulders as she readies herself for the global stage.

Kautanaveli is working with former Miss Earth Diana Andimba, who is assisting her. She believes in lifting other beauty queens. 
“Martha needs our support, she’s not just Martha but she is representing all Namibians, therefore, we should stand by her,” said the former Miss Earth.  She added that, helping her won’t take anything from her. 

“I believe God places us where he wants us to be. Martha was placed where she is because she is the perfect fit,” Andimba added. She said Kautanaveli is ready and proud to represent Namibia and to show the world that Namibia has the best people, best creatives and best talents.

2023-12-08  Pricilla Mukokobi

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