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Mother battles raising underweight baby

2023-05-29  Albertina Nakale

Mother battles raising underweight baby

KATIMA MULILO - An unemployed mother of three, Sinyama Lutombi, is seeking special medical attention for her four-year old son. 

He remains sickly and underweight and has since not grown like a normal baby his age. 

Living in Chotto informal settlement, Lutombi explains her ordeal of giving birth to an underweight baby boy, Chombo Muniswaswa, four years ago in the Katima Mulilo hospital.

She said although she breastfed the sickly baby from the maternity ward until nearly a year old, he has not grown normally. 

Due to his underweight condition, the baby only started taking his first steps in February this year at the age of four, while a normal baby usually begins walking between 10 and 18 months.

“My son was born on 7 May 2019. When I gave birth, the doctors told me my son has malnutrition. He is now four years old and is still underweight. Since birth, he has been experiencing stomach cramps, and constant constipation. He cannot eat solid food,” the desperate mother narrated while seated on a traditional reed mat with her weak baby. 

The unemployed mother said she also urgently needs food to sustain her son’s special diet.

According to the baby’s health passport, the child was born underweight at 1.9 kg. The medical history also shows the baby has been suffering from an unsolved cough and loose stool for years. The medical passport card further reveals that on 4 March 2021, a doctor at Katima Mulilo hospital booked the baby for disability.

Subsequently, the mother registered her son for the monthly disability social grant of N$250, which she says goes largely to his medical care as he is often admitted to hospital.

“Although my baby is now four years old, he still can’t speak. He can only utter the word ‘mama’. But when you speak to him, you can see he understands. I don’t believe he is suffering from malnutrition. I want someone to help me so I can see a specialist to determine the exact health condition he has. He can’t eat on his own. He can’t walk properly because he has no strength as his legs are so weak. He experiences pain when passing stool, and it makes me sad to see him suffer daily. He needs a special diet. I can’t afford to buy him special food because the N$250 he receives as a monthly disability grant goes to the hospital and transport bills since he is often in the hospital,” she pleaded. 

The mother is, therefore, imploring any Good Samaritan to assist so her son can see a medical specialist to determine his condition.

This will give him an opportunity to live a normal life and play with children his age. 

“I wish for my son to get help so he goes to school one day like other kids,” Lutombi said. –

To offer assistance, please contact Sinyama Lutombi directly at 0814193135. 

2023-05-29  Albertina Nakale

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