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Nadapanda’s Travel Guide - Things that would make local trips memorable

2020-09-04  Ndapanda Haininga

Nadapanda’s Travel Guide - Things that would make local trips memorable

I recently planned a romantic trip for three couples via my consultancy, Ndapanda’s Consultancy. Each couple had a unique request because as mentioned, these were romantic trips. Not much was required of the lodges. To my surprise, however, many were unwilling to go that extra mile for clients. So here are some things I think will make trips a little extra for clients.

Remember their names
This takes me back to arriving at Gondwana’s Desert Grace lodge and being referred to by name upon arrival. The lodge has more than 10 chalets! It made me feel special. Many don’t do this. I, however, think it adds some value to the service the lodge offers. 

Offer shuttle services
Namibian destinations are kilometres apart and the majority can only be accessed with off roaders (that many clients don’t have) most potential clients choose alternative experiences because of this. Offer shuttle services to clients who are unable to (at a reasonable rate). Accessibility is an asset.

Go the extra mile where celebratory trips are concerned
This is a big one. Show clients you care. Is a client celebrating a birthday? Bake and surprise them with a cupcake. Proposal? Upgrade their room (if available) anniversary celebrations? Offer the client a bottle of champagne. It doesn’t have to be the most expensive, the gesture shows thoughtfulness.

Reliable Wi-Fi everywhere on the lodge premises
Yes, it’s true, many of us travel to switch off and recharge. The internet, however, has become a crucial (I almost want to say necessary) part of our existence. We use it to work, to keep in touch with loved ones, it is a source of income for some, entertainment, it is even the glue that’s keeping relationships together for some. It’s important, please! Wi-Fi must be available in guests’ rooms and not just reception areas.
Remember, a happy client is a loyal client. 

Till next time!

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2020-09-04  Ndapanda Haininga

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