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Namibia implements visas on arrival… aims to boost tourism access

2024-04-02  Correspondent

Namibia implements visas on arrival… aims to boost tourism access

Isai Sipunga


Namibia has taken a significant step to boost its tourism industry by announcing the implementation of visas on arrival at five key border posts across the country. 

The immigration ministry revealed this groundbreaking decision at their headquarters in Windhoek last week. 

Minister Albert Kawana emphasised the initiative’s potential to streamline travel procedures and facilitate hassle-free visits to Namibia, particularly through border posts in the //Karas and Ohangwena regions.

“The introduction of visas on arrival will be a game-changer for our tourism industry. 

Experience has shown that this approach simplifies entry procedures, making Namibia more accessible to tourists and visitors”, he noted.

Under the new system, visitors entering Namibia through designated border points will be required to pay for their visas online, using speed points installed at the border posts. 

Kawana highlighted the advantages of this digital payment system, citing enhanced convenience and the elimination of risks associated with handling cash.

The move aims to benefit various categories of visitors, including tourists, potential investors, attendees of meetings and seminars, as well as individuals visiting friends and family or seeking medical treatment.

Furthermore, Kawana disclosed that citizens from select countries, totalling 58 worldwide, will now have the privilege of obtaining visas on arrival. Notably, this list includes countries where Namibia lacks diplomatic missions, streamlining the process for travellers from these nations.

In a bid to foster reciprocity and expand visa-relaxed benefits globally, Kawana urged other countries to consider similar measures for Namibian citizens.

To ensure the success of this initiative without compromising national security, bhe emphasised the importance of professionalism, integrity and friendliness among border agencies, including immigration officials, police and customs.

In addition to visa reforms, the Ministry of Home Affairs, Immigration, Safety and Security is addressing operational challenges at ports such as Walvis Bay, where travellers embarking on cruises have faced delays in document processing. Immigration executive director Etienne Maritz confirmed plans to recruit approximately 380 staff to bolster immigration, civil registration and administrative functions, with recruitment expected to conclude by the end of the current financial year.

Kawana reaffirmed Namibia’s commitment to aligning visa policies with regional and continental integration agendas while driving economic growth through tourism.


2024-04-02  Correspondent

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