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Ndapanda's travel guide - I double as a travel consultant, so you know

2020-08-21  Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda's travel guide - I double as a travel consultant, so you know

Here is something you may not know about me. I double as a travel consultant. 
Travel, fun and exciting is a lot of work and very time consuming – work that some may not enjoy and time that you may not have. It’s the choosing of travel dates, availability of said dates, loyalty card subscriptions, car rentals, picking from the many available choices of destinations and so many other administrative duties.

Then there is a general preparedness

Namibia is a dry country with destinations hundreds of kilometres apart. The distance to an intended destination and condition of the roads is another cringe, and one should consider the availability of service stations and garages in case of unforeseen incidents.
All that information is needed, preferably from someone who has travelled widely. That person is me; I am that someone, and I am at your service.
Consultation is an essential part of travel; it makes journeying around the world easier. 
You may ask ‘how?’ I will give you a few reasons why. Perhaps I can sway you into consulting me. You can’t tell but I’m winking.

1. Travel can be complicated. Keeping up with new trends and destinations can be a full time a job, and travel consultants (read me) are always in the know of what’s new and exciting in terms of activities, lodges and destinations. 

2. It saves you time and stress. What kind of room? What kind of hotel? Destinations? Activities? Meals? It can get overwhelming. Travel consultation yields you of this burden. You get to just pack; they worry about the rest. 

3. Perhaps my favourite reason is the human element of things. As a travel consultant, I am invested in the happiness of clients. I want the client to maximise the trip – make as many memories as possible and have the best time!

4.Unique experiences, the truth of the matter is, a travel consultant probably has key contacts that the average traveller doesn’t. These contacts assist with unique experiences. Dinner under the stars, lunch in the desert, breakfast in the sky, there are no limits!

Should you need any consultation regarding Namibian destinations, do not hesitate to contact me.
Facebook: Ndapanda Haininga
Instagram: __ndapanda
Twitter: @lahyahaininga

We are still amidst a pandemic; do not forget to sanitise and wear your mask.

2020-08-21  Ndapanda Haininga

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