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Ndapanda's Travels - Sonop Lodge is a perfect dream

2022-09-02  Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda's Travels - Sonop Lodge is a perfect dream

The beauty of travel is that no one’s experience is exactly the same as the other. I have been to the desert more times than I can remember. Sometimes I slum it and go for a camping experience. 

On the days the balance sheet agrees, I book myself into a premium lodge and treat myself to the popular Instagram soft girl aesthetic – and on the days I really have the capacity, nothing but luxury for this girl – you feel me?

Sonop Lodge, nestled on the southern edge of the Namib Desert in the //Kharas region, perfectly defines luxury. 

I will be honest – the drive is not the easiest I have experienced. 

At my time of travel, there was no road signage, so navigation was quite tricky. The direction sheet given to us by the lodge was, however, very helpful.

Sonop Lodge is an estimated five-hour drive from Windhoek, with the majority of that drive being majestic scenery of contrast between high and brown mountains, and a clear blue sky. There is nothing quite like it. I may be biased, but there is no place like Namibia!

On arrival, we were directed to a guest-parking bay, where our luggage was transferred to the lodge’s vehicle. 

What did I appreciate about this trip so far? Directions to the lodge were accurate (big ups Zannier Hotels), and the freshness of the ice tea that was presented to us on arrival? Second to none.

From this point on, we were assigned a butler who was essentially responsible for our entire weekend stay. Our butler, George, was an older man. I want to say probably in his forties, and very knowledgeable. That was amazing to me.

Before I jump the gun, this is how the check-in went.

Check-in at Sonop is done with a ballpoint Zannier Hotels pen that the guest, if s/he so pleases, gets to keep. 

Fancy huh? And that is not the only fancy thing about the lodge. 

The chalets are strategically placed to give the guest only the best of the Namib views. 

Sonop, is popular for its beautiful modern bathrooms, so I could not leave without a picture – naturally.

Our two-day stay was made special by the following things:

Amazing service – service at Sonop Lodge was exceptional! It is almost as though the staff knew our needs before we could vocalise them.

Food – listen, not only does the chef know his way around the kitchen but he accommodated us quite well. In the instances where we were not sure about what dish to have, for example, he gave us both. It was lovely.

Views – the lodge has some of the best views of the mountainous side of the desert; waking up there was truly a wonder.

I would recommend Sonop Lodge to anyone looking to experience complete and utter privacy. It is the perfect getaway.

Do not hesitate to contact me should you want to collaborate, need travel consultation or simply want to connect.

Twitter: @lahyahaininga


2022-09-02  Ndapanda Haininga

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