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NFA proposes renaming technical centre

2024-06-10  Limba Mupetami

NFA proposes renaming technical centre

In a move to honour one of Namibia's football pioneers, the Namibia Football Association (NFA) is planning to rename its technical centre in Katutura after Elliot Hiskia. 

The NFA's secretary general, Charles Siyauya, said they have formally approached the Hiskia family with a proposal to name the facility the Elliot Hiskia Technical Centre, as a tribute to his enduring legacy.

Hiskia, affectionately known as "Hampau," made significant contributions to Namibian football both on and off the field. He was a formidable centre-back for the Tigers during the late 1960s and later transitioned into an influential administrator. 

His efforts were pivotal in shaping the sport in the country, particularly during the critical period of its development.

In a letter dated 6 June, Siyauya expressed the NFA's desire to honour his profound impact on Namibian football. He stated: "Hiskia’s dedication to Namibian football is legendary. His contributions as a player, administrator and leader were instrumental in shaping the sport during a pivotal time. We are particularly grateful for his role in spearheading the formation of the Namibia National Soccer League (NNSL) in 1985, and unifying previously regionalised football activity."

Hiskia's legacy extends beyond his playing days. As the NNSL chairperson and subsequently the third president of the NFA in independent Namibia, his leadership solidified his status as a cornerstone of Namibian football history. 

Additionally, his influence reached further as he served as the chairperson of the Namibia Sports Council (now the Namibia Sports Commission), showcasing his dedication to the overall athletics development of the nation.

The NFA is embarking on an ambitious project to upgrade and renovate the technical centre. The vision is to transform this facility into a centre of excellence for Namibian football. It will not only host youth international games and serve as a training ground for national teams, but also nurture the abundant talent within Namibia's borders.

 “We believe the gesture of renaming the centre would serve as a lasting tribute to his legacy, and inspire future generations of Namibian footballers. We understand this is a significant decision, and we deeply respect your family’s wishes. We would be honoured to discuss the proposal further,” reads the letter.

2024-06-10  Limba Mupetami

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