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Opinion - The Audacity of Hope

2022-05-18  Staff Reporter

Opinion - The Audacity of Hope
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Serron Nghoshi 

We all hope for a better life, a better job, a better livelihood, a better house, car, friends – and the list goes on. 

See, in life, we are placed in situations where hope is that one contributing factor to expect tomorrow.

 No matter what the case may be, hope keeps us going; it keeps us motivated. Hope allows us to look at ourselves in the mirror and shout, “Yes, I can, or yes, just a few more days to go”.

I tell you, there is going to be that day when your friends are not going to be there for you – a day that your family is going to fail you in some areas of your life. 

When that day comes, you are going to feel like the whole world has given up and turned against you. 

There are going to be some nasty experiences, and setbacks that will drain out of you the willingness to continue and to move forward with life. You will have no one to bail you out and you are simply going to depend on hope.

I tell you today; do not give up on hope. 

Eventually, something will happen in the way that you want it to and expect it to happen. 

Keep on getting out of bed every morning, keep on making more duplicates of your CV and submitting them, keep on selling, and make those sales door to door if you have to until you get that breakthrough. Stop, however, submitting to procrastination, since it will only deter you from progress. 

It’s quite evident that many today still depend on hope. Never allow depression to take over the spirit of hope, because there is hope in everything. 

Better and greater things are coming your way; you will get that job, you will earn a salary very soon, your project is going to pick up very soon, and your business will be up on its feet very soon. 

Hope has the audacity to keep you in a positive state of mind.

We are all destined for success; the bottom is overcrowded and everyone wants to get on top. 

Are you ready? Do you believe that all will be well? Do you have hope for a better tomorrow - because if you do, that’s when you will constantly be on your toes.

Never give up. Somebody who has been holding on much longer than you is about to get out of their situation, and they are about to enter into the promised land, and so are you if you just hold on a little while longer, because my brother, my sister, there is hope.


*  Serron Nghoshi is the founder and managing director of Nghoshi P.S Investment CC.

2022-05-18  Staff Reporter

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