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Police foil N$1 million robbery… suspects later arrested for stealing wine

2023-02-07  Eveline de Klerk

Police foil N$1 million robbery… suspects later arrested for stealing wine

WAVIS BAY - The Namibian Police in the Erongo region foiled a N$1 million robbery at Walvis Bay over the weekend. Bizarrely, the three suspects who were planning to carry out the robbery, ended up being arrested for theft in Swakopmund.

Chief Inspector Ileni Shapumba confirmed the incident to this publication yesterday, saying the police were tipped off about the planned robbery.

“Yes, we received information about the robbery that the suspects were allegedly planning to carry out. We cannot reveal any information as it is a highly-sensitive investigation,” Shapumba said yesterday.

He did, however, reveal that the police on Friday already issued a warning to local businesses, including those dealing with large amounts of cash, to be aware of the planned robbery.

 “We were notified that some suspects hired a white Polo in Windhoek and are on their way to the coast to carry out the robbery. Hence, we warned the public and our business community to be on the lookout of any suspicious activity. Security companies that deal with cash-in-transit were also told to be on alert,” Shapumba said.

According to him, they also dispatched police officers to the specific bank where the robbery was supposed to take place.

 As a result, the alleged robbers could not carry out their plan.

A police source yesterday also told New Era that the suspected robbers were planning to attack an individual who withdrew a large amount of money from the bank, but retracted when they saw armed police officers.

“We do not know how these criminals got word of the N$1 million withdrawal but we believe that our investigations could implicate bank officials, as it is highly unlikely that such confidential information can be in the hands of an ordinary person,” the source said.

According to the police source, they are now engaging financial institutions to establish how the information was leaked.

Meanwhile, after the failed attempt, the three suspects left Walvis Bay and were followed by police until the Platz Am Meer mall in Swakopmund, where they were arrested for theft.

 According to Shapumba, the suspects allegedly stole five padlocks and a nail clipper from Crazy Store. 

“The items are valued at N$1 788, and they just walked out without paying for it,” Shapumba explained.

 He said the suspects then proceeded to Checkers Liquor shop, where they took 13 bottles of wine valued at N$4 700.

“They also walked out without paying and were arrested shortly afterwards,” Shapumba said.


2023-02-07  Eveline de Klerk

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