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Race to First Oil Seminar 2023 a resounding success 

2023-09-15  Staff Reporter

Race to First Oil Seminar 2023 a resounding success 

The Race to First Oil Seminar 2023, hosted by the National Petroleum Corporation of Namibia (Namcor), has been described as a resounding success.

It attracted an overwhelming response from participants, both in person and online. 

According to the organisers, the highly anticipated event attracted over 755 online registrations and garnered the attention of a diverse audience, including eager students, the business community and seasoned industry professionals. 

The atmosphere in the seminar auditorium was electric, resonating with enthusiasm and a shared commitment to unlocking the immense potential of Namibia’s oil and gas industry. 

The mines and energy ministry played a pivotal role in ensuring the seminar’s triumph, with the respective minister, Tom Alweendo, providing valuable insight to enrich the event.

“This event, initially geared towards youth participation, attracted a diverse array of attendees. We take immense pride in the outcome as we usher in a new era in Namibia’s history, promising an abundance of opportunities that can significantly impact the nation’s socio-economic landscape,” said spokesperson, Paulo Coelho. 

The Race to First Oil Seminar 2023 seamlessly aligned with Namcor’s strategic mission of educating and engaging the youth and the broader community. 

“Our commitment to inclusivity within the oil and gas industry underscores our dedication to harnessing the nation’s talent and potential to drive sustainable growth,” said Coelho. 

“As we conclude this immensely successful seminar, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to all participants, sponsors, and partners for their unwavering support. 

Your dedication to the seminar’s objectives has propelled us toward a brighter future for Namibia’s oil and gas sector. We eagerly anticipate the next instalment of the Namcor Race to First Oil Seminar, where we will continue to educate, inspire, and unite the Namibian community on our collective journey toward a prosperous and inclusive oil and gas industry,” Coelho added. 

2023-09-15  Staff Reporter

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