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Rape accused urked by pending DNA results

2023-05-16  Staff Reporter

Rape accused urked by pending DNA results

Max Henrich

ONGWEDIVA - A 44-year-old man who was arrested for rape in Ombandjele in Outapi, Omusati region in 2018, is demanding answers from the justice ministry as to why the DNA results of his rape case are pending since 2019.

Gidion Weulu was 39 years old when he was arrested by the Outapi police for allegedly raping and impregnating an adolescent. “I used to work in the house of the victim as a gardener. One day, I decided to leave my current employment to go and work as a taxi driver. Afterwards, the victim’s mother texted me to inform me that her daughter was pregnant, and that I was the father of the baby,” recalled Weulu in an interview with New Era.

He then travelled to the victim’s house to clear his name, but was arrested by the police, even after explaining to the family that he did not rape or impregnate the victim.

“I have never had any sexual encounter with the victim, nor did I even look at her or touch her in any way. She was a small child,” said Weulu.

In December 2019 while in custody, Weulu requested the court to conduct a DNA test on the baby so that he could clear his name. Until today, those DNA results are still pending.

In October 2020 during his court hearing, Weulu was refunded his bail money, and was told that he will be contacted when the DNA results are available.

The deputy director of communication at the Judiciary, Victoria Hango, said Weulu’s case number has been sent over to the Outapi magistrate’s office to gather more information.

“We sent the case number to the officials in Outapi to find information. But unfortunately, the case number did not appear in the system. We then searched for his name in the system and are now just waiting for the relevant information,” she added.

“How long do results take? I have been waiting since 2019 for the results. My life has been ruined because of this lie, and every day I overthink everything. I want the results to come so that I can finally clear my name. My name has been tarnished because I have been falsely accused. The government should provide those results,” said an angry Weulu.


2023-05-16  Staff Reporter

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