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RDP contradicts report of mass resignations

2018-08-15  Nuusita Ashipala

RDP contradicts report of mass resignations

ONDANGWA - Although the former Rally for Democracy and Progress secretary in Ohangwena Region Timo Shikongo prophesied a ‘mass resignation’ from RDP on Monday, a day later only one person had tendered a resignation at his office.

Shikongo told New Era that following the resignation of the party’s besieged president Jeremiah Nambinga and several other key leaders in the region, more people had verbally resigned by the end of the week and were expected to resign formally on Monday.

He particularly emphasised that those on the party list to replace Vilho Shimooshili as Helao Nafidi Town Council representative for RDP were amongst those to tender their resignations.
Shimooshili apart from being a councillor at Helao Nafidi also served as the party’s mobiliser in the region.

Other key members who resigned include the secretary for information and publicity Tuhafeni Nghiwanapo.

During an interview on Tuesday, Shikongo said he only had proof of one party member resignation letter as the rest had channeled their resignations to the party headquarters in Windhoek.
However, RDP’s interim president Steve Bezuidenhout said he was only aware of four resignations from the north contrary to reports of mass resignations.

“We don’t know if those were the last once or there are still more coming, but those are the only once we have received so far,” Bezuidenhout related.

Asked whether he thinks there are still people who will resign, Bezuidenhout said he cannot judge.
“I don’t know whether the people joined the party out of conviction or they joined because a friend also joined the party or they joined out of their own principle, that I cannot answer,” Bezuidenhout related.
Others who have resigned include district and branch secretaries.


2018-08-15  Nuusita Ashipala

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