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Relief for arid Ruacana Constituency

2018-09-06  Nuusita Ashipala

Relief for arid Ruacana Constituency

ONGWEDIVA - The arid constituency of Ruacana recently received water pipes to supplement the existing boreholes distributing water to the vast community that has been without water at three villages.

The 20 water pipes valued at N$48 000 was sponsored by Real Tech group of companies and will benefit the Oshihanameya, Eenawa and Omukunzi; the three villages that have endured water scarcity.

The councillor of Ruacana Constituency Andreas Shintama said the donation came in handy as community members have to walk eight to fifteen kilometres to access water at distant boreholes.

According to Shintama, the constituency does not have rural water supply and depends solely on boreholes, which were installed by government to ensure that people get access to water.

Shintama said the boreholes are not sufficient as some have now turned salty and appeals to the public sector to come to aid of the thirsty villages in his constituency.

At the moment, the water from the existing boreholes are shared between people and livestock.
“We are appealing to the business community to emulate the gesture by Real Tech, to come on board and meet government half way so that a larger community of the constituency gets water,” said Shintama.
In alleviating the plight of water in the constituency, the regional council has also taken a stance to divert the ‘cash for work’ funds to procure water pipes to extend water provision.

Meanwhile, the Omusati Regional Council through the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry also has plans to put up a Ruacana South Water pipeline.

“But while we wait for that dream to be realized, we should all pull in the same direction to assist government were we can. It is in times such as this that we should uphold our President’s call to ensure that no Namibian is left out,” Shintama said.

2018-09-06  Nuusita Ashipala

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