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Sanlam awards bursaries, internships to students

2024-03-27  Pricilla Mukokobi

Sanlam awards bursaries, internships to students

Sanlam Namibia recently awarded bursaries to six students and provided internship opportunities to 17 young individuals. The selection process was highly competitive, with over 500 students vying for the coveted internship positions. 

The beneficiaries expressed profound excitement and gratitude for the opportunity extended to them. For many, these bursaries and internships represent not only financial support, but also a significant step towards achieving their academic and career aspirations.

Lelan Beukes, a student at the University of Namibia pursuing her bachelor’s degree in law, expressed gratitude, stating that the bursary has relieved a significant burden from her parents’ shoulders.

“This is my second time applying for a bursary at Sanlam. The first time I applied, I was rejected, which left me hurt and disappointed. However, this time when I applied, I prayed and had faith. When I received the acceptance call, I was ecstatic. It was a dream come true,” she beamed. Beukes encouraged her fellow youth who were not accepted to never give up, as it’s not the end of the world. Another bursary beneficiary, Rejoice Guriras, told Youth Corner she has been happy from the day she got a call.  “When I applied at NSFAF, they rejected me, and that was hard on my parents,” she said.

She added that for those who did not get the bursary or internship, it is not the end of the world, and their doors will open. It might not be today, but soon.

Natangwe Hamunyela, a retentionship analyst at Sanlam, was once an intern at Sanlam, later became a temp, and now is fully-employed at Sanlam.

“I joined Sanlam through its internship in 2021; we were eight, and then three of us secured permanent positions at Sanlam. We worked hard for these positions. … Work hard, and excel in your departments. We are looking for young talents, and you might be lucky to be one of the young talents we are looking for,” he said.

He then urged the beneficiaries to take the opportunity not only to graduate, but also to start their careers with Sanlam. “If you are here today, it means you are one of the best, and you have been selected among a wide range of candidates. You should be proud of yourself,” he said.  Sanlam’s marketing and communication manager
Laurencia Prinzonsky stated that they received 516 bursary applications and 500 internship applications, and she had to read all the motivational letters.

“I read all the letters, and it was heartwarming. A lot of these children go through a lot, So, if you get this opportunity, use it, work hard and embrace every opportunity,” she advised. -

2024-03-27  Pricilla Mukokobi

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