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Technocrats failing politicians – mayor

2020-12-04  Obrien Simasiku

Technocrats failing politicians – mayor

OMUTHIYA – Re-elected mayor of Tsumeb Mathews Hangula says politicians are often failed by technocrats who are supposed to implement council resolutions.

“We politicians do our part to formulate policies, present ideas and plans needed for action but there seems to be a mismatch with administrators who are supposed to be the implementers,” Hangula said this week following his re-election. 
“There is efficiency but it is not effective. Therefore, this area needs to be harnessed so that these two organs can work together and yield the same desired results.”

He added it was pointless to have workable plans when technocrats are pulling in different directions.
“Let us complement each other and this is what I want to enforce and implant in the organisation, because I’ve realised that is what hampers timely service delivery,” he said.

Tsumeb has been facing an acute shortage of land with demand for housing growing daily.
Hangula said he will not tolerate failure as result of other weak elements who do not want to do the right thing.
“Wearing this chain means carrying the burden of all the residents, be it service delivery, land, housing, sanitation, water reticulation and economic growth. Therefore, that is why I appealed to my fellow councillors that we put aside our political differences, as we now have a common goal to attain. We all have one task which is to deliver, the rest we should reserve for the next campaigns,” he stated.

Speaking on economic growth, Hangula said there was a need to revive the Tsumeb branch of the Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NCCI), which has been dormant for the past three years.
“I want a revival of this board. It is an organisation that solely focuses on attracting investors and uniting the business community by bringing ideas and workable plans together that benefit the town. So, this should complement the efforts being made by the municipality,” he stressed.

Hangula is deputised by a youthful Anmire Garises of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM). Ingencia David is the chairperson of the management committee, while Frans Kamati and Hilde Pashe – all from Swapo – are the other members.
Independent Patriots for Change councillors Abraham Jocky and Absalom Kondjila are ordinary members of council.
Regional council sworn in

Meanwhile, Oshikoto regional councillors on Wednesday voted Omuthiya councillor Samuel Shivute as chairperson of the regional council, while Matheus Kamati, Elias Kainda Marthinus and Protasius Neshuku are members of the management committee.

Hans Nambodi, Sacky Nangula and Fillemon Ndjambula were nominated to represent the region in the National Council.
Ordinary members of the regional council include Gottlieb Ndjendjela, Josef Shilongo, Gideon Shikomba, Vilho Nuunyango.

2020-12-04  Obrien Simasiku

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