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Time to unlock //Kharas’ economic potential

2020-08-07  Steven Klukowski

Time to unlock //Kharas’ economic potential

//Kharas regional governor Aletha Frederick feels it is time to unleash the region’s full economic potential and showcase it to the world.
She made this urgent plea while delivering her maiden state of the region address (SORA) in Keetmanshoop on Wednesday. “As a region, we have the means to take full advantage of economic opportunities in our region through socially inclusive innovation and enterprise development,” she then explained.

She stated it is a well-known fact //Kharas boasts a thriving diverse mixed economy with nationally and globally recognised economic sectors such as agriculture, mining and fishing.
Frederick said despite having a high economic growth with a relatively low population density, the region still needs an intensive general development policy.

She informed the audience that the region can be regarded as one of the highest profitable tax-generating ones in the country as a result of proceeds from mining operations, specifically its gem-quality diamonds. 
She noted agriculture and tourism sectors in the region have great growth potential to further stimulate the trademark mining and fishing economic sectors.

The politician furthermore reasoned that //Kharas can become a national magnet for game and irrigation farming along the Naute Dam and the Orange River in addition to maintaining predominantly a small stock-farming area consisting mostly of animals such as sheep or goats.
Referring to the well-documented hydro-geological or underground water reserves in the region, she argued there are massive growth opportunities locked inside it, provided there are appropriate and proportionate investments derived from it in terms of the ‘green economy’ concept.

“In our journey to regional economic transformation, we must use our natural resources sustainably, prudently and strategically,” Frederick advised stakeholders. 

She elaborated the region is blessed with globally-renowned attractions, including hot water springs, its unique quiver tree forests, the second largest canyon, its volcanic mountains, as well as several guests and game farms, which are renowned tourist attractions.
The politician also said her office will work with all stakeholders to market the region as an international hub for investment. “We have to consult all stakeholders in order to create stimulus packages that will revive our regional economy like focusing on the value of local resources,” she then explained.

Frederick further expressed her appreciation for the economic prospects and growth potential of the region despite the financial shortcomings that affect all sectors.  She went on that //Kharas region is open for business, global trade and SME development like never seen before.
“I must, however, unapologetically state that //Kharas region will no longer be exploited for its resources,” Frederick concluded. 

2020-08-07  Steven Klukowski

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