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Toddler kidnapped at Eenhana 

2024-04-05  Festus Hamalwa

Toddler kidnapped at Eenhana 

A 40-year-old man was arrested after he allegedly grabbed a 16-month-old girl and jumped into a taxi with her.

The incident occurred at Eenhana over the weekend. 

According to the police spokesperson Simeon Haufiku, the child was kidnapped while her mother was buying food.

He said when the mother turned around, the child was gone.

“The suspect got into a taxi so that he could go to his village while holding the child,” he added.

Luckily, as the suspect kidnapped the child, a woman bystander was watching him, and she recognised him and had his contact number.

“The mother informed the police and the witness provided the suspect’s contact number and he was contacted immediately,” he narrated. Haufiku said when the suspect was reached on his cellphone he was already 25km from Eenhana.

He was arrested at Oushake village while he was looking for another mode of transport to take the child to his village.

According to the mother of
the child Ndinelao Shevayengange, she does not know the suspect and it was her first time meeting him.

“When I questioned the suspect, he told me the child belongs to him,” she narrated.

Sheyangange further said the suspect told the police that the child looks like to his
daughter and had therefore mistaken her. “The suspect said he had made a mistake,” said the mother.

She said the suspect was
found with a female neighbour who was also going to his
village and it is suspected he planned to give the child to her to take to the village.

The child was safely reunited with her mother.

She urged parents to be vigilant whenever they are in crowded places with their children. The suspect is expected to appear in Eenhana Magistrate’s Court today.

2024-04-05  Festus Hamalwa

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