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Uncommon sense - Be like you

2024-06-28  Karlos Naimwhaka

Uncommon sense - Be like you

In a world of different ideologies, it is easy not to know, find, or remain one’s true self. This could mainly result from things one may have to do for existential reasons. 

To easily navigate, feel accepted, and belong in society, one must be partisan to a gang; be it religious, political, or even economic. Sometimes one must go as far as to give up some of their fundamental rights and freedoms such as freedom of expression to attain certain levels of acceptance in society.

Now, imagine what it would be like for a newborn who enters a world of such orderly havoc and pretense. A world of double standards and hypocritical circumstances that may be presented to them as the best practices of high moral ground. Unless it happens by design grace that they early on see through the holographic images of societal standards of success. 

In that case, it would be distasteful to imagine what they will have to put up with to pave the way for a completely new world. For they may need unimaginable courage to stand resistance and possible retribution as the old world will not gasp for its last breath without a fight. In its current form, and to those with three eyes, society is deceptive by design.  This can be seen as simple as that, instead of allowing knowledge of self to be primary, it would tell you what you can become. It gives one an impression of the freedom of choice, although

the choices themselves were chosen for you. So, by design, every move you make shall only be within the parameters of the limits set by those in charge. Any attempt to divert and forge a new path that may set off a dawn of true human liberation, may seem alien and disruptive.

It therefore is essential that in all circumstances, and at all times, one guards their true identity, not that which society gives them. It is important that to live a fulfilled life, one must first establish strong fundamental principles by which they live. 

For that is the only way to have good sleep and live without looking over the shoulders. Although it may come at a high cost in the material and physical world, the unseen world becomes and remains the strongest and indestructible pillar of existence. Because, eventually, when the worldly vessel of their body gives in, a smooth transition to other realms and dimensions is assured. This is because the only true purpose of all raindrops is to finally make it back to the ocean.


*Karlos The Great

E-mail: Sense is published bi-weekly in the New Era newspaper with contributions from Karlos Naimwhaka. YouTube channel: Karlos Lokos

2024-06-28  Karlos Naimwhaka

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