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Become the admin of change

2022-08-03  Staff Reporter

Become the admin of change
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Lloyd Sikeba

The only way to affect change in today’s society is to actively participate in what occurs, how it is done, why it should be done, where it should be done, and how it affects people like you and me. Take WhatsApp group admins as an example; they have significant influence over decisions on who should be added or removed from the group, what information should be shared, and how things should be governed. In the same vein, we as citizens—and especially young people—should take the reins of change.

The world is dynamic, and new things are constantly appearing under the sun. But we, young people, ignore the fact that we are growing up and not down. We, therefore, must start moving our discourse in the direction of a sound future that we can all be pleased to live in. With the intention of correcting what is wrong and completing what is right, rather than filling roles with ineffective strategies, we must take up space. 

“Education is the great equaliser of our time. It gives hope to the hopeless and creates chances for those without.”- Kofi Annan 

To change anything, one must first be aware of it. The majority of society’s problems and difficulties affect us, young people, differently and bitterly, if there is one thing I am certain of. For instance, teen pregnancy, alcohol and drug misuse, stress, depression and suicide. The list is endless; you name anything.

Here are some tips on how to become a proactive young person for change:

Think about solving rather than observing, and join the solution-makers rather than the problem-intensifiers. Keep in mind that admins influence decisions, and actively participate in them to guarantee that the intended results are achieved.

Inform and educate. Knowing what is happening is preferable than being struck by it. Knowing generates a sense of direction and plan. Furthermore, sharing information may benefit everyone. Do not withhold knowledge that can rescue us all.

Being innovative and creative. We must recognise that we can design or enhance systems for our generation; it is possible. 

Volunteer in the spirit of service rather than job hunting or money-making when your skills and expertise can improve society.

Have unity of purpose.

Appreciate the elders for their efforts, and seek wisdom from them.

Be actively involved in a variety of fields (politics, leadership, business, etc.)

Educate ourselves 

Contribute significantly to good change on many platforms and in our surroundings.

Each generation has a responsibility to address and dress its history. You and I have a duty to construct our future while carrying out the tasks that must be completed now. We should all participate and have a feast together someday, knowing that we are one. Lastly, ignorance is dangerous for our future. 

Become the admin towards shaping the future we can all grow and glow in.

2022-08-03  Staff Reporter

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