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Stephanie Katusuva: a self-taught gymnast

2020-02-25  Aletta Shikololo

Stephanie Katusuva: a self-taught gymnast

Born and bred in Oshiteyi village, Stephanie Katusuva was never taught how to do gymnastics; it is because of her passion and determination that she taught herself the skills.

According to the history of gymnastics, the sport began in Greek in the early years of civilization to help body development through exercises such as running, jumping and swimming.

The story of this young, flexible girl came to light when one of her acquaintances recently uploaded a video of her on Facebook, showcasing her skills at school, attracting the attention of many.
The video was shared 1 000 times and viewed by over 50 000 people.

Katusuva is in Grade 6 at Ogongo Combined School in the northern part of the country.
What is fascinating about her is the fact that despite the lack of formal training, the young girl keeps pushing herself to the limits, and she can do it just like any other gymnast.
She said “When I was young, I always wanted to be a gymnast or ballerina, so I started practising every day at home.”

Katusuva’s dream is to get formal training from the experts and take part in national and international competitions.

She also wants to start offering classes to her peers when she becomes a professional gymnast.
“At home, my daughter would always stretch her legs and do what gymnasts do; I never took the talent seriously because I thought she is just a flexible dancer, until I realised that she’s passionate about it. Thereafter, I advised her to keep training and not to give up on her talent,” said the proud mother of Katusuva, Loide Kangombe.

According to Kangombe, her daughter was mostly inspired by Lady May Africa’s dance moves, saying it is because of the former bubblegum dancer that her daughter is extremely flexible. 
Kangombe further explained that due to lack of finances, Katusuva is unable to get proper training, and she hopes her daughter’s dream of becoming the best gymnast in the country will become true.

Talking to Entertainment Now!, the school principal of Ogongo Combined School, Ester  Anna Akawa, described Katusuva as one of the most talented and skilful learners at the school, saying “We are paving ways for her so she becomes the best gymnast that she can be. I also hope she gets sponsorships to attend a gymnast school in Ongwediva to attend classes in the weekend”.

The principal stated that they will groom Katusuva to realise her dream, while also helping her to prosper in her studies.
For more information, contact Katusuva’s mother on 081 203 8800.

2020-02-25  Aletta Shikololo

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