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Dispatched thoughts - Don’t compare

2020-12-09  Olavi Popyeinawa

Dispatched thoughts - Don’t compare
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Am sure you have all been told at some point in your life that you are special and that you are one of a kind, which is true. What is also true is that every other person is special and one of a kind, just like you. That doesn’t make you any less special than the next person, but it certainly doesn’t make you any better either. Don’t compare yourself to other people.
Comparing yourself to other people is a losing game, for many I believe it’s a major reason why some people feel insecure, inadequate and small. For many of the young people, comparison is a major reason why they seem to always find themselves in some kind of sticky situations most of the time.

People are born different and, in many instances, they think and behave differently. Comparing yourself to anyone else is unfair and doesn’t make sense, as it is just wrong and doesn’t lead to any good. It is also from comparisons that a false sense of strength and accomplishment can be derived, which if believed can lead to some disappointing results and harsh truths down the lane.

We have all heard of leaders who overestimated their worth and lived in a world they created in their minds, a world where they believed they were as big or as strong as it can get, simply because they compared themselves with other people around, giving them a false sense of reality, be true to yourself and you will have no need for comparisons.
Comparisons will always be a slippery slope, against other people it hardly does any good, maybe against their work, totally independent from the person, maybe the comparisons will be more useful and fairer. 

 We are all special and unique in our own ways, you are as different as the next person, which is what makes all the same. Instead of wasting our energies and time comparing each other, we should rather spend the same energy and time trying to find similarities that will allow us to use our strengths collectively and make something great happen.
Too many that have gone to extremes trying to live up to an image that is just unattainable, simply because they compared themselves to someone who is not even trying and is comfortable in their own skin and space. You are special and enough as you are, no need to compare yourself with the next person.

* Olavi Popyeinawa
* Twitter: @olavipopyeinawa
* Email:

2020-12-09  Olavi Popyeinawa

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